Jeeti forges cultures of belonging & inclusion

one transformative conversation at a time


A motivational speaker, author and childhood sexual abuse survivor,
Jeeti Pooni has inspired audiences worldwide to own their stories,
speak their truth, reclaim their inner power and have honest conversations about how to make cultural change in organizations and communities.


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Hi, I’m Jeeti.

As a public speaker, author and filmmaker, I travel all over the world, sharing my story with thousands of people, transforming their lives and guiding them on their path to hope and healing. I work with organizations to help them create diverse and inclusive communities, cultivate equality and foster cultures of care, compassion and belonging.

In 2006, I broke my silence. And along with my sisters, I went on to endure one of the longest-running sexual assault court cases in Canadian history. I embraced my authentic power, discovered my inner strength and worthiness, and made it my life’s mission to stand up for change and become a voice for those who suffer in silence.

Jeeti works with organizations to…

Deliver keynotes and presentations at events, panels and post-screening discussions
to ensure your organization has the awareness, mindset and tools to…

Build Inclusiveness

Jeeti knows what it’s like to live in a society that blames and shames survivors and how harmful this can be to their emotional and mental health. Through sharing insights from her most vulnerable moments, Jeeti guides teams and individuals to gain understanding and awareness of others so they are moved to become agents of cultural change, cultivate compassion and empathy and build diverse and inclusive communities.

Create psychologically
safe workplaces

In a world where fear, shame and stigma chain people to limiting beliefs, Jeeti empowers leaders to tap into their authentic selves. She shares her experience of overcoming years of negative conditioning and self-doubt to inspire others to reclaim their inner strength, find the courage to embrace their true selves and lead by example.

Empower survivors to rise beyond trauma

Through raw and unfiltered accounts of her own journey through trauma, Jeeti empowers audiences to find healing and build a life of purpose and meaning. Since breaking her silence in 2006, Jeeti has inspired countless individuals to step into the consciousness of deserving and self-acceptance to turn their pain into action, believe in their worthiness and grow into their fullest selves.

“Jeeti’s story, perspective and challenges she faced helped our members and organization become stronger and more effective in serving our community.”

Deputy Chief Roger Wilkie, Deputy Chief of District Operations of the Halton Regional Police Service


Jeeti delivers powerful speeches to diverse audiences, inspiring individuals and teams to reclaim their inner strength, speak their truths, embrace change and dismantle cultures of shame, abuse, and violence.


Jeeti’s debut book, The Silent Stoning, is a powerful account of her journey through trauma, resilience, and hope. Written in the form of letters, the book openly shares Jeeti’s experience of living under the control of her abuser and the female shaming that is still the norm in her culture. Raw, heartfelt and genuine, The Silent Stoning disrupts cultural mores and offers a groundbreaking perspective into the life of a sexual abuse survivor, her journey through hope and healing and her work as a changemaker for justice.


Because We Are Girls is an eye-opening documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by Baljit Sangra. The film sheds light on the impact of sexual abuse on Jeeti, the Pooni sisters, and their family, as well as the harmful social and cultural beliefs that continue to disadvantage women even today.

A must watch to understand the cultural barriers that hinder girls and women, how trauma impacts survivors, how to support survivors, importance of gender equity, how keeping quiet is not the answer and the importance of embracing change in cultures, communities and organizations.

“…those who attended now have a better understanding of the many facets of gender based violence and are, hopefully, better equipped to support others or come forward themselves.”

Jennifer Lalonde, PhD, Consul Political, Economic and Public Affairs Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai

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