Jeeti will inspire you to

‘be the change’ to create inclusive organizations and communities

Motivational Speaker

Jeeti Pooni has persevered through the arduous journey of a long tried sexual assault case.

In 2006, Jeeti broke her silence. For many years she lived behind a veil. Her life was like a never-ending Bollywood movie filled with color, glamour, melody, and tragedy as she lived life being traumatized, raped, and abused.

Because of her perseverance and resilience, her perpetrator was finally found guilty. Despite the monumental guilty verdict the case was inevitably stayed.

An inspiration to all, Jeeti lives and breathes tenacity and resilience. She delivers motivational keynote talks that provide a look at her life while she lived under the control of her abuser and the female shaming that is the norm in her culture.

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Jeeti is a motivational speaker who is available for your upcoming event in North America, Asia, or Europe.  Hire Jeeti to help move the dial on gender equity and motivate inclusiveness in your community or organization.

Jeeti Pooni is a relentless advocate for cultural change, and is the voice for all those that have suffered sexual abuse.