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Crown Appeals Pooni Sisters Court Case

It’s exciting to hear Crown counsel has appealed our Pooni Sisters court case.

My cousin Raj on the left, myself, Salakshana and Kira (photo: Williams Lake Tribune)

Wow! What a journey it has been. Sometimes I can’t believe my sisters and I have been on this criminal justice system journey for 13+ years. The courage, perseverance and the amount of sheer guts it takes is immeasurable. Here’s a picture of us taken a few minutes after the April, 6, 2018 verdict where the accused was found guilty for 4 of 6 counts of sexual assault. Unbelievably so, the two counts pertaining to my sister Kira Pooni were found not guilty. We were relieved our Pooni sisters court case had finally reached a verdict.

It all feels like a dream as I look back down on memory lane and all that has transpired through the criminal justice system process. To put it into perspective here’s a timeline:
2007 – RCMP took our statements
2011 – Accused was charged
2013 – Preliminary hearing Provincial Court of British Columbia
2015 – 2018 Supreme Court of British Columbia trial proceedings
2018 – Verdict – guilty 4 of 6 counts – accused files stay of proceedings application claiming his right to a timely trial was breached
2019 – Stay of proceedings granted – case is stayed all charges are dropped
2020 – Crown appeals stay of proceedings – appeal to be heard in Appeal Court of British Columbia November 5, 2020

The hearing is open to the public and I am curious to see how it goes. I know I will be going through an array of emotions as Crown and defense make their arguments. If you would like more information on the appeal watch the video below.

Jeeti Pooni – #PooniSisters Court Case Appeal Info

It will be a long wait ahead before the Appeal Court of British Columbia announces it’s decision on this hearing (Spring 2021) and there are so many scenarios that can play out. It’s an honor to share the unfolding of this journey with you.

Thank you for your wonderful messages of love and support.

With love and respect,


World Premier – Because We Are Girls

Because We Are Girls
National Film Board Of Canada production
Directed by Baljit Sangra

I am super excited to share Because We Are Girls, is having it’s world premiere at Hot Docs in Toronto, May 1 – 3, 2019, and it’s Vancouver premier at the Doxa Film Festival, May 3 and May 7, 2019. This documentary film has taken tremendous effort, over 4 years in the making and shares the story of me and my sisters breaking our silence of sexual abuse and the impact the abuse has had on our lives.

To watch the film trailer click here.

To purchase tickets and for more info click links below:
Vancouver: Doxa Film Festival 2019
Toronto: Hot Docs Film Festival 2019

I would love to see you there and hear your thoughts on such an important issue that is harming our girls, boys and women world wide.

With love and respect,


Here’s my story

We all have “our stories” they say. It’s odd they call it a story when in fact it is a lived reality. My lived reality, my story is filled with years of childhood sexual abuse.

It was 12 years ago I broke my silence and shared my story of sexual abuse with my family. At that very moment I knew it was more than just about me. It was about protecting my daughters, my sisters, other girls and telling the truth of what had happened to me and my sisters. From that moment forward began my journey of being a voice for those girls and women who have been denied a voice and have suffered sexual abuse.

It has been a long tough road and to say it was full of many bumps and bruises would be putting it mildly. I will share more of my story in the coming notes to you. A whole lifetime is way too much to squeeze into one note.

I know first hand how it feels to live in shame, not be believed and to be treated like an outcast. I write a note from Jeeti and share my story so other girls and women can relate, know they are not alone, they too can heal and I believe them. I write and share to create dialogue and awareness of sexual abuse and gender equity.

My deepest hope is to enlighten and inspire you as I share my story and be of service to you and humanity. You will hear from me soon.

With love and respect,


Welcome! Here’s what a note from Jeeti is all about

I’m so excited and honored to have you journey with me through the chapters of my life.

note from Jeeti will inspire you as you witness my ups and downs and the power of courage and perseverance. You will have a front seat into my past, present and future experiences as I travel the world sharing my story of sexual abuse, trauma, resilience and healing. By sharing in these experiences, you will gain valuable insight and motivation to live a more fulfilled life.

I can’t wait to share my story with you.

With love and respect,