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Short Bio:

Jeeti Pooni is a motivational speaker, the author of The Silent Stoning, and the driving force behind her documentary film Because We Are Girls. Jeeti is an advocate for cultural change, and voice for girls, boys, men and women that have suffered sexual abuse. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and two daughters.

Long Bio: 

Jeeti Pooni, like most women, wears many hats and is proud to wear each and every one of them.

Jeeti is a motivational public speaker that shares her personal life experiences to inspire audiences. Her honest and authentic storytelling ability enables her to connect with her audience and transform their perspective on trauma and resilience.

As the inspirational author of The Silent Stoning, a non-fiction book publishing later in 2021, Jeeti shares her tale of childhood sexual abuse, rape, and how she survived through the horror and confusion of it all.

She is also the driving force behind her documentary film Because We Are Girls, produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by Baljit Sangra. With a world premiere May 1, 2019,  in Toronto at Hot Docs, the documentary shares the impact sexual abuse has had on the lives of Jeeti and her family and the social and cultural beliefs that hinder girls and women.

Jeeti has persevered through the arduous journey of a long tried sexual assault case. It has been 12 years since Jeeti broke her silence and the case is still active in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. She is advocating for change of the criminal justice system as she continues to provide a voice for the voiceless and passionately inspire lives.

She is also the founder and designer of To Desire, where Jeeti unleashes her creativity making exquisite shawls that grace the shoulders of women around the world.

Jeeti is an alumni of Simon Fraser University with an Economics major and Sociology minor.

Most importantly, and the driving reason for her journey for justice, Jeeti is a loving wife and mother of two daughters – one in university and the other in elementary school, a proud sister and aunt. She lives with her family in Vancouver, BC.

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