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Jeeti draws on her lived experiences of trauma to deliver a profound and transformational message on the enduring power of resilience, courage and hope. She works with organizations to build cultures of belonging, cultivate equality, and drive meaningful change.

Jeeti speaks to diverse audiences on a variety of topics to help individuals reclaim their inner strength, own and voice their truth, and dismantle the culture of shame, blame and gender-based violence.

Speaking Topics

Each of these speaking topics can be modified and customized to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Creating Cultures Of Belonging

Building diverse communities

Jeeti will share insights from her journey of standing up for justice and gender equality to demonstrate the importance of cultivating cultures of belonging and inclusion. She’ll also highlight the benefits of creating safe and welcoming spaces that cultivate empathy, understanding and compassion, and share actionable strategies to help attendees build thriving and empowered teams and organizations.

This presentation is perfect for:
Individuals, leaders, teams, organizations, communities, associations, and educational institutions committed to creating inclusive environments.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of cultural awareness, gender equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Learn how a sense of belonging can positively impact relationships, communication, productivity and emotional and mental wellness.
  • Learn what constitutes a safe space and how you can create it.
  • Embrace change as a catalyst for growth and become a change ambassador for yourself and others.

The Power of YOUR Voice

How to find your voice and speak YOUR truth

We’ve all been there – those moments where our voices have been silenced, drowned out to the point where we convince ourselves that staying silent is our safest option. After hiding behind shame and fear for decades, Jeeti discovered there’s incredible power in speaking up and sharing our stories. By drawing on the most challenging parts of her journey, Jeeti empowers individuals to discover their own fears and limiting beliefs, embrace the power of their voice so they feel safe to speak their truth.

This presentation is perfect for:
Individuals, leaders, teams, organizations, communities, associations, and educational institutions who want to ensure that individuals are seen, their voices are heard, and their stories acknowledged.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Gain an inspired perspective on the transformative power of finding your voice is essential for one’s mental health and emotional well-being.
  • How to find what your truth is and make decisions that align with you.
  • Find the courage and confidence to speak up by learning Jeeti’s framework for managing and minimizing fear and anxiety.
  • Discover how to set healthy boundaries to ensure your voice is heard.
  • Understand how to be supportive and create psychologically safe spaces for others to speak up.

You Are Not YOUR Story

Unlock your inner strength to live life beyond trauma

Jeeti will draw from her own journey of discovering life beyond trauma to lead individuals on the path to hope, resilience and healing. She’ll equip them with tools to evolve into their authentic selves, discover their fullest potential, take action to become the architect of their own life and create a new story.

This presentation is perfect for:
Individuals, leaders, teams, organizations, communities, associations, and educational institutions who want to empower individuals to step into a conscious resilient mindset for growth.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Discover how to connect with your inner self and build a healthy relationship through love and acceptance.
  • Identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Learn to trust and lean into your internal guiding system.
  • Motivation to embrace the consciousness of worthiness and deserving to cultivate a healing mindset.

Stepping Into Self

Engage With Your Emotional Essence

Jeeti knows what it’s like to be disconnected with self and the emotional and psychological upset that comes with it. She shares how becoming conscious about our emotional self is the first step to transforming internal discord. She will motivate your audience to understand the role of emotions, how to work through them and embrace them to create better emotional and mental health.

This presentation is perfect for:
Individuals, leaders, teams, organizations, communities, associations, and educational institutions who are committed to support emotional and mental well-being.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Recognize the role and power of emotions and how to work through them to have them serve you and not hold you back.
  • The importance of becoming conscious about trauma
  • Gain an understanding of the emotional and psychological impact trauma can have on individuals.
  • Importance of honouring your emotions rather than than running away from them and burying them.

“Jeeti Pooni brings passion to her audience and gives them the tools to make a difference
in their community and is a beacon of light to survivors. ”

Glori Meldrum, Founder and Chair of Little Warriors and the Brave Ranch

Jeeti can …

  Deliver keynote speeches and presentations.
  Speak at virtual and in-person events.
  Provide copies of The Silent Stoning and be available for book signings.
  Lead discussions about her documentary, Because We Are Girls, at film festivals, community screenings and private events.
  Participate in Q&A sessions after your event
  Interact with attendees before or after your event
  Be available for on-site photos and media interviews

Keynote Speeches

9th Annual Little Warriors
Be Brave Luncheon

October 2022 | Edmonton, AB

KDocsFF 2020:
Because We Are Girls
February 2020 | Vancouver, BC

KDocsFF – A Special Return Engagement: Because We Are Girls
January 2020 | Surrey, BC

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About Jeeti Pooni

Jeeti Pooni broke her silence about being sexually abused as a young child when she realized that her cousin, who had raped her, was potentially abusing others in her extended family. Her outing of the veil of silence about sexual abuse has been a spark for much needed conversations, not only for the Indo-Canadian community but all communities.

Jeeti is a Motivational Speaker, a social changemaker and the author of The Silent Stoning. As the driving force behind The National Film Board of Canada documentary Because We Are Girls, Jeeti courageously shares her story.

Persevering through one of the longest-running sexual assault court cases in Canadian history has made Jeeti an even more determined advocate for change to the criminal justice system and passed-down cultural beliefs that shame and oppress women in her culture. She is a voice for others that have suffered abuse.

Jeeti lives in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and two daughters.


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“Jeeti presents with so much strength, resiliency, and confidence, and is an advocate to inspire change.”

Samina Zubairi, Halton Equity and Diversity Roundtable